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Guiding Principles of the Regional CCS

The system of care will: 

  • Hold a balance between uniformity of services while providing individualized services that are flexibly administered. 

  • Promote developmentally informed services at every level: individual, family, community programs and region. 

  • Assure sovereignty of local resources and natural supports. 

  • Assure and model self-direction through voice, access and ownership of services. 

  • Maintain fidelity to (1) the principles of CCS (2) the law and program requirements that support this service and (3) sharing resources through collaboration. 

  • Build on the multi-disciplinary, multi-county collaboration to assure accountability. 

  • Be person-centered, with strengths and needs dictating the types and mix of services provided. 

  • Promote early identification and intervention to enhance the opportunity for positive outcomes. 

  • Provide access to to a comprehensive array of services that promote physical and emotional wellbeing through mental health and substance abuse services while addressing identified social, educational, and recreational needs of all ages. 

  • Provide service coordination to ensure that multiple services are developed and delivered in a coordinated, collaborative and confidential manner. 

  • Ensure a smooth and coordinated transition from the child to the adult service system. 

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